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Every Level Hot 75: This comprehensive class draws on postures and methodology from the Ghosh lineage of yoga.  Designed to create and maintain full body health on every level, this practice is accessible to all. Room heated to 105 degrees. 

Hot 26+2: The 90 minute Original Hot Yoga series.  A sequence of 26 postures and two breathing exercises…this system has been experienced by people worldwide to systematically strengthen, tone and flush every system in the body, creating and maintaining maximum health and function and improving overall vitality.  Postures are full body therapeutic and accessible to all. Room is heated to 105 degrees.


Hot 26+2 Express: 60-75 minutes.  A condensed and faster paced version of the original.  Inclusive of all postures and the breathing, this shorter class delivers the benefits while allowing students with tighter schedules to still fit it all in...savasana included :). Room is heated to 105 degrees.

Beyond 26 & 2: An evolution of the practice, incorporating foundational work as well as intermediate postures and variations, with lots of opportunities for modifications.  Expect the flow to vary from class to class.  Room is heated to approximately 105 degrees.

Hot Vinyasa: A series of postures that flow in a systematic sequence, linked by movement and breath, notably incorporating chatturanga, upward facing dog and downward facing dog.  Room is heated to approximately 105 degrees.

Kundalini Yoga: A structured balance of asana (kriya), relaxation and meditation, likely to include mantra (chant) and pranayama (breathwork).   The room is cooled for kundalini.

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