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First and foremost, Lala Hot Yoga is designed to be a space for community, somewhere everyone feels welcome to come and experience the healing and transformative power of yoga in a fun, friendly and loving environment.


Our practice space is heated with healthy far infrared panels and the humidity levels are also monitored and controlled.  The air system includes a UV filter to remove all bacteria and impurities, ensuring the air you are breathing is fresh and pure.  The flooring is made of recycled materials and is designed especially for hot yoga…anti-slip, non-absorbant, bacteria free and gentle on the joints.


Our studio space also includes showers and a cold, filtered water bottle

filling station. In addition to that we do offer mineral water, sparkling water and coconut water. Mats and towels are also available for purchase or rent.


We do our best to leave our very smallest footprint on the planet.

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