Kundalini Rebirthing:
Clear your subconscious stories and experience a deep sense of renewal. Using meditation, breath, guided imagery and sound healing.  Meegan Gibson / Ardas Raj Kaur  will guide you in an extraordinary experience of being reborn into your truest and highest infinite self.  Rebirthing works with the breath and with rhythm to create a flow that dissolves subconscious blockages and clears out negative charges in the cellular memory of the body.  The result is a shift in consciousness and deep inner revelations,  experienced in a way that is unique to every individual’s life story.  These kriyas help people from all walks of life deeply remember who they are on a soul level.  We will clear karma so that you can live your dharma.


NO prior experience is necessary.
During Rebirthing we will:
- Experience guided meditations
- Use our breath to dissolve blockages and clear unhelpful

   habitual behavior
- Recall and silently release memories from your past
- Create Space for an upgrade in consciousness & inner

- Experience sound healing to reset the nervous system.


Saturday, August 6th and

Saturday, August 20th from 2:00-4:00 pm.

$55 per workshop or both for $95.

The effects of this work are cumulative.