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Hello yogis!!

Very excited to announce the recommencement of classes this week at Lala!!!  Looking forward to getting back on our mats together!!!  Just a few words on modifications and “rules” as we ease back in, as there will be a few changes for the time being.

First off, all classes will be one hour.  This will allow for efficiency and flexibility in the schedule as well as time for thorough cleaning between classes.  Class size will be limited, so I would recommend signing in online to reserve a spot.  If you have trouble creating an online account, contact me directly either by phone or email and I will help you set it up.  Please do your very best to be on time to class.  Unfortunately we cannot guarantee space in the room once class begins :(

All classes will be heated to 105.  Our infrared heating system is like sunshine minus the damaging UVs.  The door and the window to the outdoors will be open during class to allow for the flow of fresh air throughout the practice space.  The air purification system will also run throughout the duration…the UV light on this system kills all bacteria, viruses, mold, etc as particles are filtered out.  You will notice markers on the floor where mats will rest in order to create a minimum of 6 feet of personal space.  Breathing exercises will be modified so we will be avoiding active exhalation by way of mouth.

Please bring your own mat/towel/block if possible.  If you do need to borrow anything, please note there will be a return area for these items once used to ensure proper cleaning.  If you tend to leave sweat puddles around after class, please bring an extra towel for yourself.

Having stated the above, please bring only necessary items to the studio.  Leave anything not required for your practice on a shelf or cubby.  If you choose to shower after class, please keep your shower to two minutes.  Be aware only one person may use the shower room at a time, so we really need to keep it quick.  You will find a disinfectant spray bottle in the shower - please use it to spray down the walls, the floor and the inside of the shower curtain when you are finished.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding safety precautions at the studio, please do not hesitate to reach out.  If you find you are having trouble accessing class at a time that works for your schedule, please let me know.  It is our priority that the studio be a safe space in every way and that it be available to all.

Cannot wait to see you soon!! xoxo

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